Invest Calculator

You’ve had a windfall! Some extra cash has made into your hands! You wonder, is it better to invest this bonus or pay off some debt?

It’s an important question, “Should I invest this money or use it pay off debt I already owe?” It’s a decision often made without a great deal of consideration. But it’s a decision with financial consequences which extend far into your future!

This free Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator shows you the impact your decision can have on your future financial situation. This program is designed for these Windows® operating systems: NT4, 2000, XP Pro and Home, and Vista.

This free calculator is designed to show you the future effects of an investment versus the future effects of using extra cash to pay down a debt.

You need only three number to use this calculator: the amount you have to invest, the annual interest rate you’re paying on your debt, and the annual return you expect to make on the investment you are considering.

With these three number, you can quickly determine whether investing a windfall makes more sense than paying off a debt. Remember, you should always consult your own financial advisor before making important financial decisions.

Free Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator is a free, Windows®-based financial calculator that can help you determine whether paying off your debt or investing is the better option.

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