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Free Financial Software from Wheatworks
For nearly a decade, Wheatworks Software has offered free financial calculators to our web site visitors. Available here, our free software is also available from financial software download sites like

Of course, as long as you’re looking for financial tools to make financial math easy for you, we encourage you to download one of our flagship products and try it, too:

Real Estate Calculator Suite
LoanSpread Financial Calculator
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator
Future Value of Savings Calculator
And if you would like to add financial calculators to your web site, Wheatworks’ MoneyToys™ web site calculators are a collection of 11 online financial calculators you can easily install on your web site.

Free Financial Software
Free Loan Calculator (v. 3.1, 02/12/06)
Free Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator (v. 3.0.00, 02/11/06)
Free Mortgage Payment Calculator (v. 3.0.00, 02/05/06)
Free Rent or Buy Calculator
Free APR Calculator
MoneyToys™ Free Loan Calculator