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What you should know before investing in your first rental property

You’ve finally made it. After years of saving, you, and possibly your spouse, have saved enough money to buy your first rental property. How exciting! 


Becoming a new landowner is one of the most arresting dreams that a lot of people have.


“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to own an extra property that we can rent out, and that can earn us extra income without us having to do much for it?” 


With money in the bank, and a favorite estate in mind, both of you are ready to make the leap. Before you do so, however, there are certain things you should know about buying the estate. 

It’s possible to lose money from rental properties

There, I said it. Some people actually lose money from the rental properties that they buy. 


It’s a common myth that choosing an estate to rent is easy, and that if there is a market for it, then you’re guaranteed to profit from it. 


You might have the most good-looking apartment in the most popular area of town, but if moisture damages occur, and you have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to fix it, wouldn’t that be a poor investment? 


Things like this do happen, so it’s important to research the property thoroughly before you buy it. 

Some tenants are troublesome

After you’ve secured a good quality residence, it might feel like you’ve got it all under control. Don’t. 


One of the most common sticks that jam people’s metaphorical rental bikes, is the fact that some tenants are quite a hassle. They don’t pay on time, they might break things and don’t pay for them, or they might play loud music during the night. 


Therefore I urge you to do as you did with your estate: research your tenants. Perform an interview with them, or find another way to get to know certain facts about them that will be central to their stay in your apartment. 


One of the best ways to secure a good relationship with your tenant is to make a clear, written contract about what’s to be expected of both parties during the tenant’s stay. Businesses in many countries offer free digital leases that are easy to use. For example, Presis Utleie in Norway gives people access to a safe rental contract (leiekontrakt in Norwegian) which is said to be one of the simplest and safest in the country. Here the owners of properties can send the contract to their tenant digitally to sign. This makes the process hassle free and easy, and you as a landlord end up with a proper contract with clear terms.

Whether you use a ready to go contract like the one above, or you write your own, make sure you are covered in every possible way, and that you follow the proper laws in your area.

What will you do with your extra income?

So you’ve gotten a great place to rent, and you’ve found the perfect tenant – one who is responsible, and heeds every point in the lease you both signed. 


The question is now, what will you do with the extra income you get from your second property? 


A common mistake people make is not having a plan for how they will use their additional stream of income. Often, this leads to a phenomenon which occurs way too often among people who start earning more money: their expenses rise to meet their rise in income. 


Having a plan about what dreams you’ll pursue or what investments you’ll make will help you a long way of putting your extra cash into good use. 

Real Estate Calculators

Real Estate Calculators

Real estate is an exciting field but is often complicated and difficult to understand. For this reason, many realtors find themselves looking for effective ways to make their calculations. They want to be able to run simple simulations, such as dividing the price of a house by its square footage, which can help them understand market trends better. However, they don’t want to spend all their time doing. Instead, they turn to an online real estate site to use affordable and accurate tools.

All the Information You Need

Real Estate Calculators offers valuable advice for real estate agents and investors who need to make quick and accurate calculations. They allow you to run complex scenarios, including multiple comparisons to other properties, to evaluate different aspects of the property’s operating costs.

Real Estate Master Data Points

Real Estate Calculators

In most cases, you will be presented with data points and options based on your choices. These data points represent operating expenses, gross rentals, net profits, operating income, net income etc. The more data points you put into the simulation, the more accurate the results will be. Some of the simplest real estate calculators use basic real estate formulas that require only basic math skills.

In order to save money and increase productivity, many real estate agents learn how to make their own real estate master data points, which can significantly speed up calculations and provide a better understanding of property-related concepts. In fact, many agents with real estate master skills find it easier to enter their own data points than to hire someone.

Software Programs

Most financial calculators are based on standard (published) mathematical formulas, making them slightly more complicated than real estate master data points. Fortunately, there are a number of great software programs available that provide simple yet accurate financial calculations.

Many investors who have no real estate experience find it useful to purchase such programs, which provide a simplified means of computing real estate values. Many investors also choose to purchase mortgage calculators that provide additional financial tools such as insurance and pension calculators.

Real Estate Calculators

Determine the Space

When you start your real estate investment calculations, you should first determine how much space you have available for future purchases. This information is usually given in the form of square footage. In order to obtain the best possible investment deals, you must determine how much square footage you will actually need.
If you purchase homes with too little square footage, you run the risk of living in a house that could depreciate in value. However, if you purchase homes with too much space, you may not be able to sell or rent your property.

Comprehensive Guides

Some investors choose to use the services of a comprehensive guide such as those found online. Comprehensive guides can give you a comprehensive list of real estate calculators. These guides contain formulas that make use of all the variables for the calculations. This can significantly reduce the time it takes for you to compute your values.

Real Estate Calculators

Use the Correct Formulas

It is also important to note that some types of real estate calculators require specific licensing from individuals who use the formula to compute their results. In order to obtain the most accurate results, you must only use the correct formula in the right situation. For instance, it is incorrect to use the Metro Area Consumer Price Index to calculate mortgage rates.

Use the Correct Mortgage Rate Calculator

The correct mortgage rate calculator would consider various factors such as employment rates, unemployment, average income, expenses, etc., as well as consider the many variables used by lenders, including amortization periods, loan-to-value percentages, interest rates, and more.

In Conclusion

Real Estate Calculators

Before purchasing any type of real estate calculator, be sure to research the different kinds available. Most calculators work in certain similar ways, but there are a few significant differences. Determine what your specific needs are and find a calculator that meets your requirements. This will make your life much easier and more effective. Also, be sure to compare prices before making a purchase.